NIDA’s research Center was established in 1966, together with National Institute of Development Administration. NIDA’s research center has been committed to carry out multidisciplinary of social science research on development our country. We are concern as the prioritized mission of institution is research. It has also emerging the new cognitive sciences or applying theory can have several benefits for educational, economic and social development of Thailand. Our work philosophy is focus on quality efficiency effectiveness and ethics code of conduct of research.


            In the past NIDA research center provided just specific and limited scope of research funding for researchers. Then administrators committee had changed structure of research center to establish many research centers in each field. Nowadays NIDA’s Research Center have sub center 12 centers under control of Research Department, Research Center, NIDA. We have purpose to enhance Thailand research’s standardization to fulfill social needs in Thailand, in the meantime extended opportunity for NIDA’s researchers to publish their researches paper in international. Beyond that NIDA’s research center provide other academic services as consultancy, training and coaching for public and private companies and other organizations.         




1.      Produce researches in administrative and development fields.

2.      Co-ordinate, encourage and support in-house researches and external researches.

3.      Academic service, promote and publish research and other academic information.

4.      Publish Nida’s journal together with support in-house journal in NIDA.

5.      To be secretary office of NIDA research funding committee.

6.      Work on policy about research matter.



Advances toward the best of research and publish research in country and region. 


Research is the foundation of all aspects of development