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“The country’s leading research center on global warming”


Research and Implementation Plans

The implementation under the research strategy 3: preservation, creation, and development of natural resource capital and environment and under the research sub-strategy 3: global warming and alternative energy as follows:

1. Research on the cause of global warming and means to mitigate the problems or enhance adaptation

2. Research on the impact from the production and the use of energy and the adoption of alternative energy

3. Research on the policy of tourism management to meet the global warming

The implementation is to drive the research with clear objective to upgrade the research standards, focus on the impact of global warming, forward the information of the research for the benefit of the country and to those who formulate and implement the policy to better respond to the social needs.  Moreover, it provides the venue for researchers to publish and disseminate their work at the international level and provide more services to the public and the private sectors, state enterprises, and organizations.


1. Coordinate with local and foreign academics to exchange knowledge and enhance research network

2. Coordinate with consulting firms who are former co-researchers and apply for research funding from various sources








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