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Research Center for AEC is one of the 12 research centers under Research Center.  It was set up in 2012 under NIDA’s research strategy to create knowledge on development administration and to establish NIDA as a research   university on par with international level.

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is an economic cooperation of ten ASEAN countries namely Thailand, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Brunei Darussalam. It aims to increase economic, export, and import bargaining power, effective from December 31, 2015.  The outcome of AEC will enhance member countries’ bargaining power with their trading partners.  The import and export among ASEAN countries will be tariff free, except for some products that each country may request to retain the import tariff, or the sensitive list.

AEC operates in parallel with ASEAN Political-Security Community (APSC) and ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community (ASCC) which together form the three pillars of ASEAN Community.

AEC Blueprint or AEC direction is as follows:

1. Single market and production base

2. Region with great competitiveness

3. Region with equal economic development

4. Region with global economic integration

 Research Center for AEC conducts research on the preparedness toward AEC liberalization in five areas namely:

1. Trade in goods and services

2. Production

3. Finance and investment

4. Labor force

5. Others




Contact us

Center for AEC Capability Research

Research Center , National Institute of Development Administration 

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Tel 02-375-8842 ,081-733-7890

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